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 Eco-friendly Gardening in Arid Climates

Strategies for saving water include using native and other drought-tolerant plants; keeping root zones shaded with mulches and taller plants; and channeling runoff to your plants and storing it in the soil.

clover in lawns
drought-tolerant lawns
wet planting
smother your lawn

How much water do your plants need? It depends on your soil, site, and species, but could be less than you think.

Are you facing water restrictions? Wondering if clover or other low-cost strategies will help your lawn survive?

Use dry-adapted native grasses, and maybe wildflowers, to replace your thirsty lawn.

Clover makes your lawn healthier, easier to maintain, and more stylish.

Many herbs are drought-tolerant as well as useful and beautiful. Ten herb gardening books reviewed and compared for you.

Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to get rid of your lawn? Smother it. All it takes is initial effort, free or cheap materials, and waiting for it to die.

Grandma's wet planting technique gives plants an initial boost, helping them to establish more quickly and need less future maintenance.

  Resources for Dryland Gardening


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