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Decrease lawn-related labor significantly by using ecologically sound lawn care and by replacing your turf with fescues or other slow- and low-growing grasses.

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Bypass the work of traditional lawns and gardens by choosing well-adapted plants and understanding Nature's processes and relationships.

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Learn how to maintain non-lawn landscapes and design them for easier care.

Clover makes your lawn healthier, easier to maintain, and more stylish.

Reduce your personal energy "footprint" and your garden chores by growing some perennial edibles.

Transform some of your lawn to native grass and wildflowers.

Understanding your garden's microclimates can help you choose the right spot for a plant.

In a roundabout way, your plants need exactly the amount of extra water you give them.

Four signs of a healthy landscape that clash with our standards of beauty...

Give your plants a healthy start with Grandma's fool-proof planting technique.

Understand basic lawn care.

Redesign your landscape to use less water.

Use native grasses in different ways to replace lawns.

Learn more about low-maintenance alternative lawns from fescue lawn pioneer Miriam Goldberger.

How to edge a smothered, or soon to be smothered, planting bed.

When golf courses shrink their lawns, they benefit both economically and ecologically, and so do their communities.

A prairie thrives with leisurely, low-tech maintenance that deepens your sensory connection to the land.

Shoreline buffer plants are an organic, low-maintenance, non-violent way to keep Canada geese and mallards off nearby lawns.

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