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Gardening brings up larger issues and informs our views about the world. Read opinions from various folks and reports about how gardening is affecting different aspects of people's lives.

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Clover makes your lawn healthier, easier to maintain, and more stylish.

Four signs of a healthy landscape that clash with our standards of beauty...

Financial and ecological benefits when golf courses shrink their lawns.

A few prairie stories from natural landscaping pioneer Sally Wasowski...

Garden Videos give you Spring when it's Winter and expand your sense of what's possible in a garden.

Learn key concepts of permaculture and ways to move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

How do designers combine plants artistically?

Canada leads the way in banning pesticides used on lawns.

Stop spraying and plant natives; we need to encourage bugs in our gardens!

Can we train ourselves to see the beauty in natural landscapes?

Learn more about low-maintenance fescue lawns from grower Miriam Goldberger.

Do climate and seasonal differences create different attitudes about outdoor space?

Poet and writer Lenore Plassman examines how shared labor feeds her family's hearts and bodies.

Gardens get you wandering and pondering.

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