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GARDEN BOOKS fill our need for inspirational photos, step-by-step instructions, vicarious experiences, and specific horticultural and ecological information. We've compiled several annotated reading lists; you'll find essays and personal stories for bedside reading, references to help with your next project, and loads of ideas and inspiration to fuel your garden plans. You'll want to consult one or more field guides if you are planning a naturalistic landscape. We've provided detailed reviews of particularly useful and exciting books.
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When you can't play in your garden, curl up with one of these inspiring GARDEN VIDEOS. See our list of reviews at left. Why are garden videos so great?
If you run across an unfamiliar term in one of our articles, drop us a note so we can add it to our GLOSSARY. Chances are, if you don't know it, other readers don't know it either.
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Need some BRAIN FOOD? Test your knowledge with one of the LessLawn quizzes (see list at left) or muse over our provocative collection of lawn thoughts.
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