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Test your knowledge of general gardening and ecology principles.
LessLawn Gardening and Ecology Quiz #1
October 9, 2001 by Evelyn J. Hadden

Write down your choice for each of the following 8 questions, then click on DONE to see the answers and find your score.


1.   Mulching can benefit plants by:
  1. Retaining soil moisture
  2. Keeping roots cool
  3. Preventing "frost heaves"
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

2.   Ladybugs are beneficial in the garden because:
  1. They're fragrant
  2. They eat aphids
  3. They winter under fallen leaves and provide early spring food for birds
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

3.   The proper time to prune a tree is:
  1. Mid-winter, when the tree is dormant
  2. Late fall, when the leaves turn
  3. Spring, when new growth occurs
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

4.   A weed is:
  1. Any plant with an aggressive growth habit
  2. Any plant that wasn't planted deliberately
  3. Any plant that isn't wanted in a particular place
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


5.   The pesticide DDT was banned in the U.S. after the publication of this book, which described its negative human and environmental health effects:
  1. The Once and Future King by T.H. White
  2. A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
  3. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  4. None of the above

6.   An ecosystem is:
  1. A fiscally balanced investment strategy
  2. An interrelated community of plants and animals
  3. A landscape that has evolved to a stable state
  4. None of the above

7.   An allelopathic plant:
  1. Emits chemicals that repel other plants or inhibit their growth
  2. Twines around other plants, strangling them
  3. Contains pigments that cannot be seen by humans but act as a beacon to certain insects
  4. None of the above

8.   Ecological Economics is:
  1. A policy of investing in environmentally sound companies and industries
  2. The study of how to value ecological factors in standard economic accounting schemes such as cost-benefit analyses
  3. The process of adjusting the supply of natural resources to fit the demand
  4. None of the above

Bonus Question (for Extra Credit)

Match the following quotations in the first list below to their respective authors in the second list. Each quotation matches one and only one author.

  • "...a garden one can wander through is always more thrilling than a garden one must simply stand before and stare at."
  • "The wildest place on earth, it is here, in the human heart."
  • "The biggest enemy of wildlife is the obsessively tidy gardener."


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