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An inviting garden doesn't require a lawn. Learn about options for designing a satisfying lawnless landscape, including naturalistic landscapes that look wild, interactive landscapes for the explorer in you, and lawn substitutes for people who like the look and function of lawn but don't want to or can't grow a healthy lawn.

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LAWNLESS Landscapes #3: A Tea Garden
Use this time-tested design to make your own cozy garden retreat for solitary meditation or intimate conversation.

LAWNLESS Landscapes #2: A Woodland
Look out your window at that wasteland of dried-up lawn, and imagine instead a shaded, mysterious woodland, a place for musing and lazing, your own green, secluded paradise. Yes, it's a long-term investment, but the payoff may come sooner than you think.

LAWNLESS Landscapes #1: A Stroll Garden
Choreograph a journey for your visitors: create a stroll garden.

Design a Naturalistic Woodland
It isn't just a group of trees with some plants under them. Build that wild feel into your woods.

Choosing Trees for a Naturalistic Woodland
The right trees can make your life easier and your landscape lovelier every season.

Building a Prairie Berm
Year-by-year account of a small prairie seeded on clay subsoil in Minnesota.

Regional Ecosystems of North America
Prominent plants found in each of the major ecosystems of North America.

Alternatives to the Traditional Lawn
Transform some of your lawn to native grass and wildflowers--here's expert advice on planting and maintenance plus regional plant lists.

Native Grass Lawns
Use native grasses to replace lawns--as short turf, grassy wildland, or mixed with flowers in a meadow or prairie.

Slope Gardens: A Photo Essay
Many urban lots have a slope in the front yard, and often the slope is covered with lawn. But it doesn't have to be that way--take a peek at these lawn alternatives dreamed up by Saint Paul slope gardeners.

Natural Landscaping Strategies for Impatient Gardeners
Interested in the long-term benefits of natural landscaping, but you don't know if you can stand to wait years for native plants to mature?

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