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Natural landscapes and wildlife habitat are disappearing as human development continues. You can help offset the ecological effects by planting natives and restoring part of your landscape to an ecosystem typical of your region. Use ecosystems as role models for a self-sustaining, wildlife-friendly, explorable garden.

North American native landscapes


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prairie account


Building a Prairie Berm
Year-by-year account of a small prairie seeded on clay subsoil in Minnesota.

Regional Ecosystems of North America
An look at prominent plants in each major ecosystem of North America.

Native Grass Lawns
Use native grasses to replace lawns--as short turf, grassy wildland, or mixed with flowers in a meadow or prairie.

LAWNLESS Landscapes #2: A Woodland
A shaded, mysterious woodland: a place for musing and lazing, your own green, secluded paradise. It's a long-term investment, but the payoff may come sooner than you think.

Natural Landscaping for Urban & Suburban Gardens
Find inspiring photos and examples of naturally landscaped urban and suburban gardens in these 3 gorgeous, easy-to-read books!

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #4: Let Her Run Wild
Cooperate with your landscape, offer housing to the homeless, and use your extra space to replace dwindling natural areas.

Design a Naturalistic Woodland
It isn't just a group of trees with some plants under them. Build that wild feel into your woods.

Sally Wasowski Speaks for Prairies
A few stories from a natural landscaping pioneer...

Making a Meadow Garden
Feeling ambitious? Try converting an abandoned field into a meadow garden.

Eight Great Design Features for Woodlands
Consider including one or more of these eight design features in your woodland to make it a well-loved and well-used part of your landscape.

Water's Edge Lawns are for the Birds
Do you know an organic, low-maintenance, non-violent way to keep Canada geese and mallards off nearby lawns? We do.

Choosing Trees for a Naturalistic Woodland
The right trees can make your life easier and your landscape lovelier every season.

Learning to Admire Natural Landscapes
Do our minds contain two separate categories that must be kept distinct: garden and wilderness?

Through Nature's Eyes: The look of a healthy landscape
Four signs of a healthy landscape that clash with our standards of beauty.

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